Provision a high quality university level education in the field of physics, training students to gain scientific skills and practical skills in the areas of education and scientific research to keep up with ongoing developments in science.



Our mission is to provide a high level university education in the various fields of physics and to develop the educational process and to keep up with global developments in science. In addition, our mission is to prepare graduates with high degrees of efficiency and competence to be fit in the labor market.


  • Teaching of general and specialized courses in diverse areas of physics.
  • Provide students with basic skills in solving problems in a scientific manner based on the principles of the survey and the analysis and to obtain solutions to the problems of interest.
  • Promoting scientific research in student's life and promote creativity.
  • Prepare graduate to be qualified and trained to meet the needs of the labor market.
  • Provide students with the appropriate education and skills in order to continue education in graduate programs in various universities within and outside the country