The department of physics is one of the most active and dynamic departments in the faculty of science. Besides the physics courses offered to physics major students, and other students in the faculty of science, the department of physics offers service courses to the students in medical and engineering majors.

The physics department offers two programs, BSc and MSc in physics. BSc students must finish 132 credit hours (105 credit hours Physics and Math courses and 27 credit hours some other elective courses), The MSc program students must finish 33 credit hours of Physics graduate courses.

The language of instruction in all courses offered by the physics department is English. The text books used for all courses are chosen from the most common books adopted by most International highly accredited physics departments in USA and Europe.

The Physics Department faculty are involved in many research projects, performed by the graduate students supervised by the faculty members. The department has several experimental and theoretical research groups. The experimental groups conduct their research in the research laboratories existed in physics building:

  1. Magnetics research laboraty (VSM)
  2. Sample preparation laboratory (furnaces, evaporation systems,….)
  3. Optical research laboratory (Uv-Visible Spectrophotometers).
  4. Thermal research laboratort (DSC).
  5. Structural Characterization lab (X-ray diffraction and SEM)​