• The enhancement of the performance of the academic staff in both teaching and research aspects.
  • The commitment to providing a good quality of education to students in scientific, research and practical levels.
  • The promotion and support of the scientific research.


The mission of the College of Science is achieved by the preparation of eligible national human potentials and the development of academic and professional ethics, in terms of the tender, work, honesty, tolerance and acceptance of others. Moreover, renounce selfishness and individualism and the dissemination of knowledge and creat a spirit of cooperation amongst the students, staff and members of the college as well as belonging to the country and the loyalty to the Hashemite leadership. Besides, the work on the effective contribution in supplying the scientific, operational and developmental process as well as the sustainability, upgrading and development of the level of scientific research and community service to cope with technological developments and requirements of the future.


  • To improve the scientific and applied level of the graduate students.
  • To provide state-of-the-art resources for research.
  • To encourage college, students and staff to share their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for science with the local and national communities.
  • To develop academic performance of college members.
  • To increase communication and enhance partnership with the local community.
  • To establish rules in close cooperation with similar colleges and converged disciplines with other local, Arab and international universities.
  • To obtain private and public accreditation for different majors in the college.
  • To continue holding the scientific week to the College of Science in each academic year.​