The vision of the department is to develop  expertise in mathematics and to disseminate its uses as an effective tool for human development in the application of accreditation and quality standards. The specialized and non-specialized students in this department are specially prepared by a team of professional teachers to complete their higher studies and engage in the technical and educational labor market. The department includes  professors who are a valuable source of information and advice to serve the community, the labor market, research and educational institutions.

The department recognizes the importance of scientific research for the development of the college and postgraduate students. Therefore, the department  organizes regular conferences, workshops and symposia. It also supports and encourages participation in international conferences and specialized workshops.


The basic mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is to teach the main principles and methods of mathematical solutions and develop the student's ability to analyze and think logically in a friendly and comfortable environment.

The department provides high quality educational and research courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students by providing courses in statistics and applied mathematics to the students  who are able to complete their higher studies or work in places that require high mathematical skills, such as technical and educational areas.

Since the department also offers courses for students from different disciplines, it is important to ensure that these courses are taught according to the highest standards required by these disciplines.


  • Improve the educational process, develop it, and adopt educational plans that meet the needs of the community within the criteria of accreditation and quality.
  • Adopting interactive, integrative and specialization to create qualified and experienced persons in the fields of science and mathematics.
  • Motivate students and support them to learn, excel, research, production and to work as a team and contribute to constructive interaction with the community
  • Encouraging scientific research and supporting scientific and practical studies in various fields of science and mathematics.
  • Using and developing of e-learning and  teaching methods  and  adoption of the latest references and equipment.
  • The creative and integrative connection between the administrative staff and the academic staff to serve the educational process of the department.
  • Optimal use of the resources  that supported the educational process then work to develop  them to serve the current and future objectives of the department.