Our vision in the department is to actively engage in our disciplines, the department, the faculty, the university as well as the community. We strive to prepare our students for their future by helping them set personal and professional goals and by providing them with the knowledge, experiences, and professional opportunities necessary to reach those goals.


The mission of the department is to provide students the opportunity to explore the science of life in all its complexity and diversity through teaching and research programs. Our graduate should be well educated in the history of scientific discovery in biology, the logical and statistical procedures used to formulate and to test biological hypotheses, and technical skills needed for conducting contemporary biological research.


  • The study of life sciences and applications and uses in a comprehensive manner in the community in terms of theoretical and practical and applied.
  • Preparation of Angels scientific studies of primary and upper areas to work in the medical and health, agriculture, food and pharmaceutical industries and branches of life.
  • Giving students the technical skills in the use of scientific instruments and equipment that can be used in the study of theoretical and applied.
  • Giving students the academic and practical information about life sciences in various trends and specializations.
  • Supplement the country institutions, public and private sectors with qualified initial and  graduate specialist  to work in this area
  • Research and study of all that is new in the Life Sciences and keep abreast of developments in this scientific field and be included in the curriculum prescribed