Medical laboratory sciences is one of the basic pillars upon which a lot of doctors depend on the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases . Accordingly, the specialization in the field of medical laboratory sciences is one of the important disciplines in the medical field because of its significant role in this area where help diagnosis and early detection of many conditions that may affect humans, leading to treatment and follow-up of patients effectively . It is also expected to have a direct role in the laboratory preparations especially therapeutic cell and gene therapy.

This specialization will achieve the following objectives:

  1. To graduate scientific skills which can develop and upgrade health services.  .
  2. To expand the fields of study and research in some health disciplines. .
  3. To saturate the needs of local and regional market efficiencies of health support. .
  4. To service the community in the ​​specialization fields. .
  5. To make balance in the distribution of manpower from the disciplines of Allied Health Sciences and supplying the southern region those competencies.
  6. To graduate highly skilled technical staff within laboratory work
  7. To provide the medical sector in and out of Jordan by technical staff who are able to work in the fields of research and studies in various medical and scientific institutions.
  8. To qualify qualified scientific graduates to continue their studies to obtain advanced degrees in this field​