We welcome you to one of the oldest Departments in the faculty of science at Mu'tah University. This webpage presents information about our: faculty, its educational programs, related news, announcements, and our upcoming events. Recent activities and achievements of the faculty members and our students are posted regularly. So, feel free to contact us should you have any inquiry or comment.
About the Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Many inquires into the world of science are responded to with an answer involving mathematics; therefore, we could say that the subject of mathematics is regarded as the root to most of the other scientific areas.
Advancement in many different aspects, including medical techniques, business decisions, space exploration, and even understanding the universe are also dependent on this discipline.     To qualify the graduates for employment, the courses provide a full coverage of principles, methods, practice and fields of application. The Department concentrates on developing the ability to solve problems with effective communication of results. The career opportunities come in a variety of fields: business, government, industry, education, etc.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics was established in 1987 at Mutah University under the Natural Sciences Department, which later became the College of Science in 1990. The department is one of five academic disciplines within the College. The department offers a program which leads to Bachelor degree in Mathematics as a single specialization and a master degree program in Mathematics. The department also participates in offering courses to other faculties such as Engineering, Economics, Administration, and Educational Sciences.

The department is very active in research. The primary interests are in Algebra, Functional Analysis, Fractional Calculus, Differential Equation and Topology. There have been more than one hundred fifty original papers published by the staff members in  international and local journals and many text books as well. Recently, the Department established the first research group in Jordan.

The Department participates in various international conferences in: Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, U. K., Australia, and the U.S.A. The Department heads the organization of different conferences held within Jordan.